Bader-Studios in Stuttgart (Jan 2016) – many, many thanks to Torsten Bader, Martin Meixner, Christian Huber, Christoph Neuhaus and the film crew!!!


Uhl-Instruments X3-2 played by Martin Meixner – Guitar: Christoph Neuhaus – Drums: Christian Huber


Recording: Torsten Bader / Baderstudios

The internal Rotary Sim and the external Leslie 147 were recorded simultaneously (Main Out L + R internal Rotary Sim and AUX Out 2 on Leslie 147) In the video the sound is for comparison between Leslie 147 and Internal Rotary Sim exchanged.

Mixed Videos played by Simon Oslender and Martin Meixner

Pure Rock Videos from Gert Jan Naus Organist from Demon’s Eye

Andi Kissenbeck plays on his X3-2 SMOOTH

Helmut Zerlett  – Berlinale 2016